Electric Kids Toothbrush

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  • The cartoon toothbrush specially designed for children's teeth cleaning is small in size, light in weight, cute in shape, and easy for children to hold with one hand without pressure.
  • The high-quality soft-bristled brush head gently massages the teeth and gums, gently cares for the baby's delicate mouth, and brings a comfortable brushing experience to the baby.
  • The vibration frequency is as high as 20,000 times per minute, and the noise is as low as 60 dB. It penetrates deep into the teeth, cleans the mouth efficiently, easily removes the dirt in the teeth, and prevents the baby's tooth decay.
  • 3 brushing modes (low-frequency mode/intermediate frequency mode/high-frequency mode), suitable for the baby's deciduous tooth period, tooth replacement period, and permanent tooth period, to protect the child's dental health.
  • 2-minute intelligent timing, 30-second zone change reminder, let the baby develop a good habit of scientific brushing from an early age.

Customer Reviews

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Kelli Roob

I recently bought an electric toothbrush from this shop, and I must tell you that the transaction went quite well!

Kaycee Heathcote

The toothbrush itself was excellent; it gave my teeth a thorough clean that made them feel wonderfully clean and shiny.

Jedediah Leuschke

I gave the brush's performance such high praise to my friends and family because I was so pleased with it.

Herbert Abshire

It was fantastic; my husband got them for our children. I figured I'd grab one too.

Maxie Emard

Almost half of the initial price was reduced.