Mosquito Killer Lamp

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  • Dual-frequency and multi-band light-controlled light column mosquito-killing lamp. Using dual-frequency multi-band light source + active trapping + stepless air duct + turbine wind speed strong suction, multiple combinations are effective to kill mosquitoes.
  • The intelligent multi-band light source, using these 365NW+395NW+380NW, wavelength multi-frequency, and multi-band work, according to the attraction of different mosquitoes to different wavelengths, through the multi-frequency opening, changing the single species of mosquito killing, and killing mosquitoes more effectively.
  • The top reflection italic structure, mosquitoes have phototaxis, the reflection italic structure refracts the light source to trap light in a wider range, and induces mosquitoes to actively fly into the air duct. The strong vortex sucks the stepless air duct to the bottom and attracts mosquitoes in a wider range.
  • Active trapping, three-dimensional turbine wind speed, strong wind, and three-dimensional multi-dimensional wind speed form a traction vortex, mosquitoes are captured instantly.
  • Quiet and low-noise columnar air duct structure design. The operating sound is not higher than 30db, and the auditory perception is equivalent to a quiet library without disturbing work, study, and sleep.
  • Large-area light source covers trapping and killing mosquitoes. Expand the coverage area and reflect the structure light source to increase the effect of attracting light in a wider range.
  • Pure physical environmental protection and mosquito control without radiation. Purple light does not hurt the eyes, does not dazzle, and does not harm the human body, so it is more effective and safe to kill mosquitoes and protect your health.
  • Convenient and fast USB power supply. Notebook, power bank, electric plug, a variety of power supply methods without tedious operations, and the mosquito control is immediately turned on.

Customer Reviews

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Joana Bahringer

These arrived quickly and were well packaged.

Buford Purdy

Second time using these, I still like them.

Devon Friesen

Everything works fine, I recommend it!

Jaydon Parker

I'm eager to try it because it's so portable and light.

Mathilde McCullough

The only thing that I can think of that is keeping the bugs away is light. Not very persuasive.