Saliva Dripping Bibs

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  • BPA-Free Food Grade Silicone: 100% safe for your baby to eat and bite on. Perfect for teething babies.
  • Lightweight & Ultra Soft Edges: Most toddlers hate having something around their necks so we made our silicone baby bibs to be lightweight and soft so your fussy toddler will not feel a thing.
  • Wide Food Catcher: We designed the food catcher to contour around your toddler's chest for the baby feeding bib to stay straight even with a fussing toddler. The wide food catcher stays open throughout every feed and keeps your baby's clothes dry and clean.
  • Durable & Lasting: We made our baby silicone bibs to be stronger and more lasting than any others. Tried and tested with multiple babies to ensure its durability. Adjustable neckline for your toddler to use from 6 to 36 months.
  • Easy To Clean: Wipe clean easily or place in the dishwasher to wash after using our waterproof bibs. No more extra laundry for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jovan Skiles

Definitely recommend.

Turner Tremblay

You will be dissatisfied if you purchase something other than to safeguard your child's apparel. Even though I rinsed it off right away, mine discolored after a week.

Eino Boehm

Several reviewers complained that the bib wasn't snug enough to keep their kids' clothes protected, but I had no such issues. When this is on the tiniest setting, barely about a quarter of an inch of the collar is visible on my seven-month-old. But, he also has a double chin, so perhaps it better shields his collar.

Leo Zemlak

Everything is fine, just like in the photo.

Cecil Boyer

Nice touch because of the soft silicone.